• We use single and thermoacustic standing seam system for roofs and facades for São Gonçalo do Amarantes Airport construction.
  • Work performed in the city of Camaçari/BA. The Thermoacoustic System of the Comfort Line was used in the roofs and for the façades the Trapezoidal System of the Economy Line.
  • Supply and assembly of Roofs and Facades for the Expominas Convention Center in São João Del Rei/MG with total areas of approximately 10,200 m² of Thermoacoustic Coverage Double Zipped Sandwich, 3.900sqm of Thermoacoustic Facade Double Zipped Sandwich and 1,200 m² Facade Simple Zipado.
  • We used the technology of the Premium Line Roofway by Kalzip. In coverage we used the tiles termoacusticas ZIPPED in bevel geometries and curves, in aluminum thickness of 0.90mm, stucco finish natural. Your coverage has approximately 36,374 m² and 7,124 m² of closure.

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