Founded in the 90s, Roofway is a pioneer in Brazil in the facade and metal roofs systems with zipped tiles, modern north-american technology worldwide approved.

Over the years we added new cutting-edge technologies and currently have all the expertise to provide engineering solutions for roofs, facades, retrofit, safety, modular steel structure and energy efficiency.

We have a team of technicians, highly skilled architects and engineers, offering quality services, focusing on the interests, wishes and requirements of our customers always using new technologies.

Brasil Brasil


550 Paraíba St., 9º floor, Savassi
Zip Code 30130-140
Belo Horizonte City/MG

Kalzip, based in Germany and over 47 years of market, is the largest metal roofing company in the world and currently they are responsible for more than 100 million square meters of roof performed in several countries and now present along with ROOFWAY in the Brazilian market.

ROOFWAY by Kalzip do what they know best, always daring with careful planning and always investing in technology for the search of excellence.

CARLISLE SYNTEC, based in the USA and over 50 years in the market, is the world-leading thermoplastic membrane segment in TPO, PVC and EPDM and now present along with ROOFWAY in the Brazilian market.

ROOFWAY by CARLISLE SYNTEC offering solutions with American high technology and with a choice of materials and finishes according to the needs of each project.


To be a reference in Brazil for the efficiency and quality in the elaboration of solutions and projects for roofs and metal façades with the most advanced technology, offering profitability to shareholders and our employees.


ROOFWAY technical team, composed of highly qualified professionals is always ready to meet the needs of their customers and partners.
Each project is studied with the objective to meet your requirements and in order to create alternatives for the better result with an attractive cost/benefit.


Offering quality services through a management system and its continuous improvement, Roofway by Kalzip is concerned with the training and development of human resources.

Still worried about the quality, sa & uacute; and of the environment, ROOFWAY est & aacute; in the process of certifying & ccedil; & atilde, the Gest & atilde program, the ISO 9001.


    • Security;
    • Respect;
    • Passion and commitment for what we do;
    • Proactivity;
    • Effective Communication;
    • Team work.


To overcome the expectations and needs of customers, offering innovative services with quality and punctuality, respecting people, the planet and generating value.


Environmental protection, health and safety are strict rules observed in the ROOFWAY security process, where work qualified and trained professionals for this purpose;
Simulated exercises and exchange of experiences between companies are constantly performed, always with a preventive concern;

ROOFWAY periodically performs in his projects a preliminary analysis of dangers that result in important subsidies for their risk management programs.


Environmental protection, health and safety are strict rules observed in Roofway by Kalzip processes. The respect and concern for sustainable attitudes, social and environmental responsibility make all the difference.

Roofway by Kalzip offers their customers sustainable solutions as:

- Roofs with power generation;
- Green roofs;
- Roof self-cleaning, among others.